Al Mumayez Plastic Factory LLC
مصنع المميز البلاستيك س.م.م

Need For Recycling
There has been an increase in the use of plastics over the past few decades. This increase in use has dried up various exhaustible resources and caused a threat to the environment. Plastic is a unique material to be used in a broad range of products again and again. Plastics use oil and energy during it’s manufacturing. Nearly 4% of oil in the world is used to manufacture plastic. Though this amount is not very large, recycling plastic will save this extinguishable energy. This is where Al Mumayez Plastic Factory LLC comes into picture.

Competitive Advantage

Al Mumayez Plastic Factory LLC is established in the Sultanate of Oman. Team of Experienced individuals have helped the company to manufacture a range of products with international standards. The location of the factory is positioned in a strategic place to supply the Middle East, Asian, African and European markets at a very cost effective way. We as a quality conscious company are creating products that are internationally acceptable at the cheapest price possible. Al Mumayez has one of the most technologically advanced machines in the country. These help to provide good quality and quantity of our product. The experienced personnel also help to provide technical assistance about the products.

Quality Conscious

We are very particular about the quality of products, for which testing machines are available to test the quality before each delivery. We are having our very satisfied customer base in various countries in Middle East such as UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Asian Countries such as India, China, Pakistan, African Countries such as Nigeria and Kenya.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority due to which we always have an increasing customer list. We are currently reprocessing HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET and HM granules at our plant. Al Mumayez also Manufactures Agglomarets of LDPE, LLDPE, PP and HDPE of the finest quality. From various types of Grinding of post consumer and industrial wastes of various grades to Washing of Films to Granulation, we have it all. We are a One stop Shop for our consumers. Since we deal in a variety of plastics, we cater the needs of all our customers. Dealing in huge quantities makes us more price and cost efficient than our competitors.

Trading Of Reprocesses

Apart from just reprocessing at our own unit we are also trading various grades of plastic reprocesses from all over the world. Our reach in the global market, gives us an edge over the competitors.

Employee Satisfaction

Our team consists of highly motivated employees, who help to enforce the company’s philosophy. Every company’s success relies on the individual success and growth of its employees. Our employees are technical and specialized to do their job most efficiently. Training and Orientation sessions are regularly carried out to keep the employees ahead of time becoming an asset to the company. Suggestions and feedbacks are a common practice in our working environment which makes the atmosphere healthy and encouraging to work in.

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